square measure

square measure
a system of units used to measure areas
Syn: ↑area unit
Hypernyms: ↑unit of measurement, ↑unit
square inch, ↑sq in, ↑square foot, ↑sq ft, ↑square yard, ↑sq yd, ↑square meter, ↑square metre, ↑centare, ↑square mile, ↑quarter section, ↑acre, ↑are, ↑ar, ↑hectare, ↑arpent, ↑barn, ↑b, ↑dessiatine, ↑morgen, ↑perch, ↑rod, ↑pole, ↑em, ↑em quad, ↑mutton quad, ↑agate line, ↑line, ↑column inch, ↑inch

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